Current projects:

1. Analysis of the role of the pathway regulated by microRNA156 in the development of the fruit of Solanum lycopersicumP1.docx   

2. DNA metyltransferase 2 (DNMT2) in plants: possible roles in development, stress response and small RNA-derived tRNA biogenesisP2.docx (11,1 kB) 

3. Contribution of the LeGAMYB1/microRNA159 pathway in the regulation of development of lateral organs and fruit formation in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)P3.docx (11,5 kB)
4. Analysis of the role(s) of microRNA156/SQUAMOSA promoter-binding protein-like node in the lateral root formation and development in eudicots and monocots.P4.docx (11 kB)


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